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Thinking about getting Sophie one of these for Xmas. Reviews? Thoughts?
Just wanted to jot these down so I don't forget.

8-6-09: Sophie is very intersted in breasts. Interested in who has them, what they look like,etc. She calls them "buoys". I was getting dressed and makes a comment about my bouys and then lifts her shirt to see her buoys. And then says, "Mommy, let's do cheers with our buoys!"  You know, cheers, like you do with your cups!

8-8-09:  Sophie was doing a little drum solo with her pots and pans. After she was finished, she looks up and says, " Ahhhh, that was amazing!"
Life has just been busy, busy, busy lately.

*First of all, I can't believe Sophie is 2 already. It just seems unreal that 2 whole year have passed by. Her party was last saturday, and we had so much FUN!!!!! We had about 20 kids and 25-30 adults. I completely lost track. Nearly all of her friends brought both parents which I thought was cool. It's always a trip getting to meet the other half of the equation (dad). For the first 1/2, Sophie was a little quiet, as she was completely overwhelmed in seeing all of her family/friends at the same time, in one place. But after she warmed up, it was on!!!!  She was running around, dancing and just having a ball.  We wound up getting a $hit load of tokens, so all the kids (especially the older ones), had a blast. The party was only susposed to be 90 minutes, but b/c they didn't have another booked after us, they let us have the table indefinitly. So 4 hours later, we had to drag the kids home, kicking and screaming. I still have tons of pics to post from the party.  I do have to say the best thing about the party was that we didn't have to clean ANYTHING up. I mean, literally, we grabbed her presents and the left over cake, and went home. Easy as pie. And since we invited less people that we would have if we had the party at home, we spent less $. A win-win for everyone.

*The little boy who got mauled by the dog (my uncle's fiancee's grandson), is doing better. We was released from the hospital the next day. He is having some trouble walking, so they think he may have some damage to his tendons/ligaments, etc. Not sure yet whether that will require surgery. This whole situation is a total nightmare and really shook us all up. I just keep thinking to myself that this could have happened to anyone. We've been out in the yard with Sophie a million times. That could have been her.

*We went to a wedding saturday that both T and I were dreading. One of his long time friends married his girlfriend who neither of us really care for. In fact, we just flat out don't like her. I've never been to a wedding where I didn't like one of the people getting married. Definitly a new experience for me. Anyhow, the ceremony was at an Equestrain center, which was different. Very pretty setting. Nice ceremony. Both the bride & groom cried through the whole thing. The reception was at a Veitnamese resturant which is always interested. We sat at a table where we only knew 1 other person, but we had a ball. Everyone was cool and we all got along. And since we didn't have Sophie w/ us, we danced until our feet hurt.

*T and I have planned a little get away to Napa this month. We both desperately need a vacation. We usually stay in the city (San Fran) but we decided to stay in Napa this time. I planned a surprise dinner for him at the Culinary Institute of America. The menu looks amazing!!!!!!!

*Last week, I babysat my neighbors 2 year old for 2 days. Talk about exhausting. 2 two year old running around the house. Oh, and one of those days, I also had my 11 year old neice. Man, I don't see how you guys with 3 kids do it. I couldn't wait for the kids to go home/go to bed so I could have a stiff drink and go to bed. LOL!

*Everyone I know if pg right now. There's something in the water. Definitly makes TTC#2 at the forefront of my mind as of late.

*My 19 year old little sister just text me that her boyfriend (of 1 year) just propsed to her. Oh boy. Her mom FREAKED the hell out. Our dad was a bit more mellow. Now, I can't really say much as I was engaged at 21 and married at 23, BUT, T and I had been dating for almost 6 years when we got married. YIKES!

I will get around to posting pics sometime this week.
Anyone have a link to a printable Gymboree coupon?
I know, I'm such a slacker.  Just now getting around to ordering X-mas cards.  Can't decide if I want to go with cute or funny. HELP!!!!!  These are my ideas.....
ideas back here.....Collapse )
Has she had that beautiful baby girl yet??????
My job strikes again.  WTF?  I can't believe they would even have the nerve to call me today (thursday) and tell me that I have a mandatory class all day on monday.  Yeah, whatever.  Screw you. 

Wish I could send this to my manager...Collapse )
OMG, I totally forgot to post this.  Ontuesday, afterSophie's Dr appt, we went to Target to get a humidifier for her room. It was 185 degrees outside and the parking lot was PACKED.  So T pulls into one of the handicapped parking spaces right up front (there are like 10 at the particular Target and all were empty), lets me out and then backs out to go park.  I mean, he backed right out b/c as i'm crossing the crosswalk to enter Target, he's the car that stops tolet me cross.  Anyhow, I go in, buymy stuff and come out.  T is PISSED!  Apparantly, when he backed out of the space, he saw this cop looking at him.  As T is pulling into another, non-handicapped space, this cop pulls in behind him and says, "Perfect timing.  Thanks for coming back!"  T says, "I wasn't running from you. I was dropping my wife off."  He says, "Well you can't park in handicapped spots.  That's a mighty expensive ticket."  T says, "I was only there for a minute." The cop says, "You were there for more than a minute."  They argue back and forth, Sophie is screaming, T is trying to reason w/ him and the cop is being a total dick and making all these smart ass remarks about how he's getting a ticket and it's an $$$ ticket.  Finally T tells him to just write him the F*&%in ticket. The cop gets pissed and says, "I'm recording you."  They exchange more words and then he finally writes him the ticket. I come out of Target and T is HOT!  I've never seen him so pissed. 

$275 for dropping me off up front so I wouldn't die of a freakin heat stroke.  Damn Target.  

Down about 3 pounds so far!  Go me!!!!!!

Do any of you use those teeth whitening strips?  I have a load of Listerine Whitening Strips that I don't want/need.  Tried em and it just wasn't my thing.   

If you want them, email me at jazminekeys@sbcglobal.net